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Här hittar du vetenskapliga, publicerade artiklar där Folktandvården Stockholms medarbetare har medverkat som författare.


Peri-implant marginal bone loss and systemic statin use: A retrospective cohort pilot study

Clin Exp Dent Res. 2021 Oct 29. doi: 10.1002/cre2.509
Bahrami-Hessari, B.; Jansson, L.

Self-Perceived Oral Health of Elderly People Living Independently in Stockholm, Sweden: A Questionnaire Study

EAS J Dent Oral Med. 2021 Dec;3(6):176-183. doi:10.36349/easjdom.2021.v03i06.007
Yahya, F.; Johannsen, A.; Östman, C.; Bjurshammar, N.


The Association Between Psychological Symptoms and Self-Reported Temporomandibular Disorders Pain Symptoms in Children and Adolescents

Front Oral Health. 2021 Nov 19;2:675709. doi: 10.3389/froh.2021.675709. eCollection 2021.PMID: 35048020.
Al-Khotani A, Meisha DE, Al Sayegh S, Hedenberg-Magnusson B, Ernberg M, Christidis N.

Comorbid Conditions in Temporomandibular Disorders Myalgia and Myofascial Pain Compared to Fibromyalgia

J Clin Med. 2021 Jul 16;10(14):3138. doi: 10.3390/jcm10143138.PMID: 34300304.
Barjandi G, Kosek E, Hedenberg-Magnusson B, Velly AM, Ernberg M.

Temporomandibular joint involvement in children with juvenile idiopathic arthritis-Symptoms, clinical signs and radiographic findings

J Oral Rehabil. 2022 Jan;49(1):37-46. doi: 10.1111/joor.13269
Collin, M.; Hagelberg, S.; Ernberg, M.; Hedenberg-Magnusson, B.; Christidis, N.

Facilitating Care of Children with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis, Orofacial Pain, and Dysfunction: An Interview Study of Specialized Health Professionals

J Oral Facial Pain Headache. 2021 Nov-Dec;35(4):278-287. doi: 10.11607/ofph.2850.PMID: 34990496
Leksell E, Eriksson C, Ernberg M, Hedenberg-Magnusson B.

Polymorphisms in the HTR2A and HTR3A Genes Contribute to Pain in TMD Myalgia

Front Oral Health. 2021 Mar 2;2:647924. doi: 10.3389/froh.2021.647924. eCollection 2021.PMID: 35047998
Louca Jounger S, Christidis N, Hedenberg-Magnusson B, List T, Svensson P, Schalling M, Ernberg M.


Survival of root filled teeth in general dentistry in a Swedish county: a 6-year follow-up study

Acta Odontol Scand. 2021 Jul;79(5):396-401. doi: 10.1080/00016357.2021.1887513
Göransson, H.; Lougui, T.; Castman, L.; Jansson, L.


Brush Samples of Oral Lesions to FTA Elute Card for High-risk Human Papilloma Virus Diagnosis

Anticancer Res. 2021 Jan;41(1):269-277.doi: 10.21873/anticanres.14773
Runow Stark, C.; Gustavsson, I.; Horal, P.; Kotopouli, M.; Gyllensten, U.; Hirsch, J-M.

Icke-invasiv kontroll av cellförändringar

Tandläkartidningen nr 9, 48 - 55, 2021.
Hirsch, J-M.; Hosseini N.; Krüger Weiner, C.; Hasséus, B.; Lindblad, J.

Patient-reported pain after surgical removal of leukoplakia - an observational 1-year follow-up study

Acta Odontol Scand. 2021 Jul;79(5):383-389. doi: 10.1080/00016357.2020.1869826
Korytowska, M.; Schwab, G.; Giglio, D.; Hirsch, J-M.; Holmberg, E.; Kjeller, G.; Sand, L.; Wallström; Öhman, J.; Braz-Silva, Hasséus, B.

Pre-surgical radiographic and clinical features as predictors for temporomandibular joint discectomy prognosis

Oral Dis. 2021 May 25. doi: 10.1111/odi.13923
Minston, W.; Benchimol, D.; Jacobs, R.; Lund, B; Krüger Weiner, C.; Coucke, W.; Shi, X-Q.

Synovial Tissue Proteins and Patient-Specific Variables as Predictive Factors for Temporomandibular Joint Surgery

Diagnostics (Basel). 2020 Dec 30;11(1):46. doi: 10.3390/diagnostics11010046
Ulmner, M.; Sugars, R.; Naimi-Akbar, A.; Tudzarovski, N.; Krüger-Weiner, C.; Lund, B.

Orofacial medicin

Colony-stimulating factor-1 receptor blockade attenuates inflammation in inflamed gingival tissue explants

J Periodontal Res. 2021 Dec;56(6):1141-1153. doi: 10.1111/jre.12926
Clark, R.; Lira, R. Jr.; Johannsen, G.; Almer-Boström, E.

Two methods of evaluating mandibular trabecular pattern in intraoral radiographs and the association to fragility fractures during a 47-year follow up

Eur J Oral Sci. 2021 Oct;129(5):e12801. doi: 10.1111/eos.12801
Elleby, C.; Skott, P.; Jonasson, G.; Theobald, H.; Nyren, S.; Salminen, H.


Translation and validation of the Swedish version of the Psychosocial Impact of Dental Aesthetics Questionnaire (PIDAQ) for adolescents

Acta Odontol Scand. 2021 May;79(4):241-247. doi: 10.1080/00016357.2020.1823014
Göranson, E.; Norevall, L-I.; Bagesund, M.; Dimberg, L.


Intra-individual cytokine profile in peri-implantitis and periodontitis: A cross-sectional study

Clin Oral Implants Res. 2021 May;32(5):559-568. doi: 10.1111/clr.13725
Jansson, L.; Lundmark, A.; Modin, C.; Abadji, D.; Yucel-Lindberg, T.

Periodontitis, assessed using periodontal treatment as a surrogate marker, has no association with a first myocardial infarction in a Swedish population

J Periodontol. 2021 Dec;92(12):1730-1737. doi: 10.1002/JPER.20-0758
Nordendahl, E.; Fored, M.; Kjellström, B.; Ekbom, A.; Norhammar, A.; Gustafsson, A.


Dental trauma in toddlers 1-3 years of age living in multicultural areas of Stockholm, Sweden: A retrospective cohort study

Dent Traumatol. 2021 Aug;37(4):639-646. doi: 10.1111/edt.12677
Anderson, M.; Duran Sahin, D.; Tsilingaridis, G.

Development of dental caries and risk factors between 1 and 7 years of age in areas of high risk for dental caries in Stockholm, Sweden

Eur Arch Paediatr Dent. 2021 Oct;22(5):947-957. doi: 10.1007/s40368-021-00642-1
Anderson, M.; Dahllöf, G.; Warnqvist, A.; Grindefjord, M.

Swedish quality registry for caries and periodontal diseases (SKaPa): validation of data on dental caries in 6-and 12-year-old children

BMC Oral Health. 2021 Jul 24;21(1):373. doi: 10.1186/s12903-021-01705-x
Mensah, T.; Tranaeus, S.; Cederlund, A.; Naimi-Akbar, A.; Klingberg, G.


3-D tooth movement adjacent to single anterior implants and esthetic outcome. A 14-to 20-year follow-up study

Clin Oral Implants Res. 2021 Nov;32(11):1328-1340. doi: 10.1111/clr.13833
Winitsky, N.; Naimi-Akbar, A.; Nedelcu, R.; Jemt, T.; Smedberg, J-I.

A retrospective clinical evaluation of extensive tooth-supported fixed dental prostheses after 10 years

J Prosthet Dent. 2021 Jan;125(1):65-72. doi: 10.1016/j.prosdent.2019.10.009
Alsterstal-Englund, H.; Moberg, L-E.; Petersson, J.; Smedberg, J-I.

Cognitive changes and neural correlates after oral rehabilitation procedures in older adults: a protocol for an interventional study

BMC Oral Health. 2021 Jun 9;21(1):297. doi: 10.1186/s12903-021-01654-5
Hedberg, L.; Ekman, U.; Engström Nordin, L.; Smedberg, J-I.; Skott, P.; Seiger, Å.; Sandborgh-Englund, G.; Westman, E.; Kumar, A.; Trulsson, M.

The risk for infraposition of dental implants and ankylosed teeth in the anterior maxilla related to craniofacial growth, a systematic review

Acta Odontol Scand. 2021 Jan;79(1):59-68. doi: 10.1080/00016357.2020.1807046
Klinge, A.; Tranaeus, S.; Becktor, J.; Winitsky, N.; Naimi-Akbar, A.